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About Us

About Us

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Company – Expedited World Cargo

Expedited World Cargo, Inc. is a leader in the global logistics industry with locations in Washington/Dulles and Miami. EWC’s mission is to help clients achieve a competitive advantage through implementation of affordable and reliable logistics. We want clients to rely on us for every need regarding expedited shipping and transportation. We have the expertise to answer all of your domestic and international logistics questions. Our goal is to continuously establish and enhance our relationships throughout the world in order to exceed the expectation of our customers, employees and network partners.

We place a lot of focus on "time definite" shipping. By offering a wide variety of shipping options, including same day delivery, expedited shipping and sequential shipping, we give our customers the confidence to ship items on any deadline. We are licensed to ship to over 200 countries and territories and our staff stays educated on changes to import and export laws that affect your business dealings. We can work with you on domestic and international logistics strategies that will improve your efficiency and bottom line. In addition to being a reliable delivery service; EWC offers support for all of your domestic and international logistics needs.

What We Do Best

Expedited Shipping World

In short, we provide comprehensive services to accommodate your domestic and international logistics and import/export shipping needs. This includes consultation and guidance, as well as easy tracking of your shipments from your door to the delivery location. We can help you prepare and submit export documentation and keep you up to date on the latest transportation laws that will affect your business. We want you to come to us with any questions regarding transportation issues – especially the ones that you think may be impossible to carry out. We can find a solution that fits your specific need. There is no need for you to try to track down and research all of the answers to your shipping concerns on your own. At EWC, we already have the answers and are ready to partner with you to find the solution that fits your need.

Humanitarian Relief

Expedited Shipping Aid

EWC uses its vast global connections and expertise to help in times of crisis and need. We have the ability to provide transportation for relief services in disaster–stricken and war–torn areas. EWC transports equipment, medical supplies and food for humanitarian relief in regions of the world in a conflict or post–conflict state. We are licensed to ship pharmaceuticals around the world for both private and government purposes. This includes shipment of perishable items with gel packs and the ability to deliver perishable medication on time. We provide transportation logistics that support United Nations and U.S. Government aid programs.

U.S. Military Support

Expedited Shipping Military

As a transportation provider for the U.S. government, EWC supports American missions by transporting equipment that is critical to U.S. military personnel. This includes transporting equipment to areas in conflict and post–conflict regions. We have the expertise to coordinate the transport of weapons and ammunition, including export packing and receipt of the items in order to support U.S. Government contracts around the world.

Our aircraft readiness and expertise puts us on the front lines of the war on drugs in places like Manta, Ecuador. We support the shipment of aircraft replacement parts to Manta Air Base personnel in the U.S. military and support several U.S.–led drug interdiction programs. EWC also supports reconstruction efforts at Guantanamo Bay.

EWC aids in mission readiness by serving the U.S. government and humanitarian efforts with the same dedication to efficiency and deadlines that it applies to clients in the private sector.