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Ship Vehicles

Ship Vehicles

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Car logistics and motor vehicle transport is more involved than many other types of shipment. This is because of the sheer weight and volume involved, as well as government regulations that affect the transport of vehicles domestically and internationally. Expedited World Cargo specializes in the logistics of motor vehicle transport to make the process cost–effective and streamlined for your company. Able to handle all of the proper documentation, your vehicle shipments are delivered without issue or delay.

Types of Motor Vehicle Transport

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Expedited World Cargo can ship any type of vehicle whether it is a privately owned vehicle, government–owned or used for commercial purposes. EWC professionals can manage scheduled transport as well as emergency orders for vehicles that need to be moved immediately. Some of the vehicles that we transport include:

  • Ambulances
  • Water tankers
  • Fire engines
  • Privately owned cars, vans and trucks
  • Aircraft on ground


Motor Vehicle Transport Documentation

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When it comes to car logistics and other motor vehicle transport, there is paperwork involved to keep the shipments compliant with international regulations. Expedited World Cargo has the ability to submit VINs and titles for vehicles to U.S. Customs on international shipments. For domestic transport, EWC can assist in the proper labeling, loading and documentation for vehicles in transit. A vehicle that is not properly tagged and categorized, risks being held up in the delivery process. Taking care of your documentation details ensures that your vehicle or vehicle fleet is delivered on time and without incident. Do not take the risk of shipping your vehicles without the expert assistance of Expedited World Cargo.

Global Transport Expertise

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As a leading global logistics company, Expedited World Cargo has far reaching contacts to securely move your vehicles to over 200 countries and territories around the world. By engaging EWC to manage your motor vehicle transport you have the benefit of 600 partners across the globe. These connections make it possible to offer you a wide variety of shipping options and ensure that your items will arrive on time and safely to their destination.