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Ship Medical

Ship Medical

Ship Medical

Ship Medical Supplies Rapidly

Pharmaceuticals are one of the most restricted cargos for the shipping industry. The Drug Enforcement Agency and the Food and Drug Administration publish regulations relevant to shipping medication that are enforced worldwide. Trained representatives at Expedited World Cargo know the proper way to package, label and ship medical goods in order to be compliant with all regulations so your medications get to their destination safely and on time.

Medical Shipping Technology

Ship Medical Technology

Many drugs are temperature–controlled further complicating the logistics of shipping medication. EWC is able to accommodate the specifications of these medications by utilizing gel pack technology. The benefits of gel packs are:

  • Keeping items cool protects them from spoilage while in transit
  • Reusing gel packs for other purposes by the package receiver

The way that medications are labeled and categorized also requires advanced technology. Having the proper coding when you ship medical supplies is vital to domestic, import and export compliance. Failure to properly label and package when shipping medication causes delays in U.S. Customs or other government offices and can mean loss of productivity for your company. EWC will take away the guess work and properly:

  • Categorize the medication
  • Label it
  • Package it
  • Ship the medication

Humanitarian Reach

Ship Medical Boxes

Expedited World Cargo has been part of several humanitarian aid missions around the world, shipping medication and other medical supplies to areas that desperately needed the help. Our ability to ship to over 200 countries and territories with a network of over 600 delivery contractors has helped medications reach some of the most desperate areas of the world during times of need.

We also support the U.S. Government with shipping medical supplies to military personnel all over the world. This includes shipment to conflict regions and post–conflict areas like Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti and Sudan. The logistics of shipping to many military–inhabited areas is often tricky and takes a high level of planning and precision to be successful. Expedited World Cargo has the expertise to reach these military areas and ship medications and supplies to those who need it the most. We support our soldiers serving overseas and stateside and are proud to be able to provide our advanced shipping logistics to aid in the timely delivery of medication and medical supplies.