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Defense Logistics

Defense Logistics

Defense Logistics

Experienced Defense Logistics Management

Expedited World Cargo has strong relationships with many government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense. These agencies know that they can depend on EWC to meet all of their government needs and handle all assignments in a professional and expert way. Because of these thriving relationships, EWC is often called upon to help with defense logistics. A commitment to professionalism and determination to get every shipment where it needs to be on deadline is what makes Expedited World Cargo a preferred military partner for defense logistics and sensitive military operations.

Ammunition Transport

Ammunition Transport Gold

One of the most vital services that we offer involves weapon and ammunition transport. Trained staff can coordinate the receipt and storage of valuable weapons and ammunition that is necessary in ongoing operations and for mission preparedness. EWC is able to provide the export packing logistics and transport of weapons and ammunition to areas where U.S. military operations need it. Partnering with military personnel provides ammunition transport in the most secure, efficient and smart way. A systematic process benefits the shipper and receiver and ensures that necessary weapons and ammunition arrive where they need to be without delay.

Ammunition transport requires a higher level of clearance than commercial shipping enterprises. EWC works hard to maintain the proper licensing for this clearance and implements defense logistics in a fashion that is both helpful and secure to U.S. military operations around the world.

Domestic Options

Defense Logistics War on Drugs

Expedited World Cargo also aids in defense logistics that do not necessarily entail declared military battle. As a leader in the worldwide war on drugs, EWC uses global logistics forces to help the cause in any way possible. This includes supporting aircraft replacement parts for airplanes in Manta, Ecuador and Colombia – areas that are on the front lines of the U.S. global war on drugs. In addition to this specific aid, we support various drug interdiction programs all over the world on behalf of the U.S. government and other drug–fighting agencies of the world. The logistics of these operations can entail danger, and EWC does everything possible to ensure secure passage of equipment, replacement parts or other supporting items to the areas where they are most needed. It is our responsibility to help protect the United States from all of the hazards that threaten to impede a peaceful way of life and that includes illegal drug trafficking. EWC supports the worldwide effort to fight the war on drugs and provides professional defense logistics services whenever called upon to help in this regard.

Guantanamo Bay

Defense Logistics Guantanamo Bay

As a licensed contractor, Expedited World Cargo is authorized to ship items to Guantanamo Bay that help with daily operations, construction and maintenance of the facility. Expert staff can advise clients who wish to export items there, including proper documentation and paperwork. EWC fully understands the importance of the global war on terror and how the operations at Guantanamo Bay are part of the effort to protect the U.S. from terrorist plots and attacks. Let us help you streamline the process of shipping to Guantanamo Bay and keep all shipments in line with regulations and security.

Post–Conflict Nations

Defense Logistics Arms

Even when an official military operation has ceased, there are still sensitive issues that surround military occupations in post–conflict areas. Expedited World Cargo specializes in defense logistics involving post–conflict nations that still require shipments from the U.S. and have military occupation. Often these areas are harder to reach and take an extra amount of effort and documentation for shipments to be successful. Understanding the intricacies of these operations allows EWC to provide the proper guidance and logistics to make all shipments arrive on time and securely.

Some of the post–conflict nations where we provide defense logistics include:

  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Bosnia
  • Liberia
  • Sudan
  • Haiti

In–country support is offered for defense logistics of equipment and safe ammunition transport from site to site. Coordination with the U.S. military provides the safest possible transport of items by military convoy throughout conflict and post–conflict regions.