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Bonded Cargo

Bonded Cargo

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Bonded Cargo Services

Preparing the proper paperwork, ensuring correct packing of materials and following all of the regulations set forth by controlling bodies worldwide can be daunting and seem downright impossible. EWC understands this frustration. Save your company the time and trouble of dealing with customs offices alone. Offering bonded cargo and bonded transport service options, you can rely on EWC to help you get through the customs process smoothly and without incident.

What is Bonded Cargo

Bonded Cargo Alcohol

When a shipment arrives at U.S. Customs but has not yet been paid for, it is considered under the control of customs until the tax and duty issues have been resolved. In some cases, a licensed freight company can move the shipment from customs to its own facilities and hold it as bonded cargo. EWC has the freedom to act in ways that your company cannot because your shipment is still under the control of U.S. Customs in an official bonded cargo warehouse.

What is Bonded Transport

Bonded Cargo Transport

Bonded transport includes vehicles that are licensed to carry shipments that have not yet been paid through U.S. Customs. These vehicles may simply transport those goods to a warehouse or may serve as a bonded cargo facility all on their own – holding the shipment until proper duties have been paid. Expedited World Cargo has the ability to accommodate both types of bonded transport and can serve as a helpful intermediary in the case of bonded cargo.

Using EWC For Your Bonded Cargo Needs

Bonded Cargo Repack

Our knowledge of customs regulations and licensing as a customs broker will help you through every step of the international shipping process. Our ability to serve as a bonded cargo facility and provide bonded transport furthers that convenience for your company. Maintaining an accredited warehouse, EWC is allowed to repack bonded cargo on your behalf and serve in other capacities that do not change the makeup of what is being or has been shipped. Licensed to hold your shipments and accept payment on behalf of the U.S. government, you can depend on EWC to act as an intermediary between the U.S. government and your business.