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Logistics Services

Logistics Services

Logistics Services

Full Cargo Shipping Service

Expedited World Cargo takes great pride in the efficient ways it has available to transport your shipments domestically and internationally. Our trained team of logistics experts can advise you on the fastest and most affordable cargo shipping options. We offer:

  • Worldwide logistics service
  • Cost effective logistics service for every type of commodity
  • Competitive cargo shipping rates and transit times

Our EWC logistics team has answers to your cargo shipping questions and can streamline the cargo shipping process with our full menu of Logistics Service.

Air Logistics

Whether time or budget is your most pressing concern, EWC has an air logistics solution for you. With all of our air logistics options, you will be able to track your shipment from the moment it leaves your possession to the moment it arrives safely at its destination.

Ocean Logistics

Expedited World Cargo offers a variety of solutions to assist with everything from crating, labeling and preparing export documentation to keep your shipment of electronics on time. EWC is committed to ensuring all ocean logistics are compliant with all regulations so you can focus on the bigger issues surrounding the operation of your business.

Ground Logistics

Ground Logistics Service fills the gap between air logistics and ocean logistics. EWC’s logistics team of professionals utilizes railways and roadways in countries all over the world to accomplish door–to–door delivery service. Our logistics service makes these deliveries possible and give you the confidence that your shipment will arrive at precisely the right place at exactly the right time.

Project Logistics

Expedited World Cargo has skilled representatives to ship perishable medicine around the world so vital supplies reach their destination.

International Transportation

Our vast network of agents across the globe enables us to ship your items without delay to over 200 countries and territories.

Domestic Transportation

We offer creative solutions in order to help you achieve efficiency. Our cargo shipping domesic transportation service include, Transportation Management Programs, Emergency Intercept Services, Reverse Logistics and Just–In–Time program.