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The days of simply placing cargo in a box and shipping abroad have passed. The world of regulations and export compliance is evolving and there are complex steps to take when shipping items overseas. Time and energy must be invested by companies to ensure compliance with U.S. regulations and export controls.

Expedited World Cargo has taken the role of export compliance seriously. With efficient export controls, EWC can save you time and money. Let EWC join your team and guide you through the steps of export compliance so you can focus your efforts on your client. Avoid delays, save money, save time... Trust your shipping partner.

Compliance Mission

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EWC is committed to do its part in keeping America safe by creating, executing, and monitoring an export compliance program that will:

  • Prevent or deter the unauthorized introduction of explosives and incendiaries into cargo intended for transportation in air commerce.
  • Prevent or deter unauthorized exports of arms, high technology and other items from reaching a country or person who would attempt to use them against the United States or its allies.
  • Help provide a safe and secure global supply chain.

It is the policy of EWC to hold fast to export controls aligned with the laws and regulations of the United States and its agencies. It is our duty to provide a final line of defense for the U.S. government by being vigilant and reporting any illegal activity or suspicious behavior.

Understanding Export Documentation

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Depending on the type of items that you plan to export, there are different amounts of paperwork and documentation that must be completed. This often means obtaining an Export Control Classification Number, also known as an ECCN. This number describes the items in an alpha–numeric way and will also indicate whether you need special licensing to send your shipment. Export controls are vital in determining what documentation is needed for proper export compliance of all of your shipments.

ECCNs are monitored on the Commerce Control List which is maintained by the U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security. It is separated into ten categories that are further divided based on the contents of shipments. These categories include:

  • Nuclear materials and equipment
  • Electronics
  • Sensors and lasers
  • Navigation and avionics
  • Information Security
  • Marine
  • Telecommunications
  • Chemical, toxins, materials and microorganisms
  • Materials processing
  • Computers
  • Aerospace and propulsion systems

Understanding which category your exports falls into is vital to having your shipments approved for export. EWC can help you put the proper documentation on all of your items and pass the export compliance regulations for U.S. Customs and an array of other government agencies. We work hard to ensure that you pass Export Administration Regulations and are always compliant with export controls. Let us assist with the classification and help you with the accompanying documentation and put our expertise to work for your company.

Export Restrictions and Embargos

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There are certain items that cannot be shipped as exports and particular countries like Syria, Sudan, Iran, North Korea and Cuba that can only receive very specific imports from the U.S. If you plan to ship to any of these countries, or others that are on the U.S. list of embargoed countries, you will need special clearance to be export compliant. Our expertise in the areas of export compliance in restricted areas is strong, and we will help you find the answers that you need.

There are also specific companies and individuals who have been restricted by the U.S. government to receive exported goods. Several lists, like those maintained by the U.S. Treasury Department and the U. S. Department of Commerce, have different requirements if a company must export something to any listed person or business. We can advise you about entities on these lists and find out what special licensing is available in order to accomplish export compliance. Let us do the research on your behalf and find the answers you need for your export compliance questions.

Export Responsibilities

Export Compliance Safety

As a global logistics company that handles large amounts of imports, exports and domestic shipping, EWC has a responsibility to be conscientious about export control for items that could compromise national security. We have made it our obligation to be the eyes and ears of our government in order to look out for potential safety threats that could be involved in any of our shipments. Our watchdog mentality translates to our commitment to your cargo. The attention to detail we pay to each shipment heightens your experience working with Expedited World Cargo.