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Compliance ITAR and EAR Services


Experts in ITAR–EAR Type Shipments

Expedited World Cargo knows that the success of your shipments relies heavily on your items being imported and exported in compliance with U.S. laws and regulations. Without the proper classification and documentation, your shipment can be held up; and your company can face delays and fines. EWC officers and employees are trained to be in compliance with all U.S. domestic and international shipping regulations to help you avoid these losses and have a positive shipping experience that is streamlined and efficient. We can save you time and the headache of having to repackage and redo shipping documents by guiding you early in the process.

What is ITAR?


ITAR is the abbreviation of International Traffic in Arms Regulations and it involves a U.S. export law that controls defense articles and services. All companies exporting ITAR items need to be registered with the U.S. State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls. Items found on the U.S. Munitions List (USML) are classified by category numbers that correspond to the types of items that are controlled for export. Although the ultimate responsibility of lawful compliance lies with the importer or exporter, EWC can assist in classifying your items per the technical parameters of your product and streamline the export process in the case of sensitive items.

ITAR–controlled defense items and services listed on the USML that must follow a specific procedure for export may include:

  • Military and defense articles
  • Goods or technology created to kill or defend against death in a military setting
  • Space-related technology as it affects missile technology
  • Technical Data related to defense items and services.

EWC is knowledgeable in regards to the types of commodities that may fall under the restrictions of the ITAR and can provide assistance to your company on the proper way to document the items for export. Failure to comply with ITAR mandates can result in heavy fines for your company and possible imprisonment. Let Expedited World Cargo help you make all of your ITAR shipments compliant.

What is EAR?


Like ITAR, the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) deal with U.S. export control laws that affect the creation, sale and distribution of certain types of commodities, software and technology. EAR items are generally commercial in nature but can still be considered a danger to national security if they are not properly reported. EAR maintains a Commerce Control List (CCL) of items that have military and commercial uses. Shipments that fall under EAR must be properly accounted for with the proper export authorities before attempting any international shipping.

Some of the items that fall under EAR include:

  • Commercial items that could be used for military purposes, such as software or actual computers
  • Anything that combines research objective or commercial interests with national security
  • Goods or technology that could be considered a danger to national security if not properly used.

EAR fines for civilians can be as high as $250,000 for each violation. Ignorance is not a good defense when it comes to items that can be viewed as a danger to national security. Let EWC step in and handle all of your EAR questions and guide you through the steps of shipping EAR compliant packages.

Our Expertise

ECCN Expertise

EWC is able to provide full service import and export advice based on the knowledge of our employees. We know the important regulations that have been put in place to protect the country while allowing companies to conduct international business. Since the 9/11 Act was passed in 2007, the restrictions on import and export of goods and services have increased, and EWC has changed operating procedures to accommodate these new regulations.

We can advise you on every area of your shipping that needs extra attention and handle the documentation on your behalf. Our vast expertise in properly packing, categorizing and documenting items can make the process easier for your company. You can rest easy knowing that your shipments are ITAR and EAR compliant on all levels and that you are working with a company that values efficiency and national security every step of the way.

Let us know what questions you may have about specific items for export or import, and we can go over the potential regulations that may apply to your shipment.