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Shipping Compliance

Shipping Compliance

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Ensuring Shipment Compliance

Ensuring that all shipments in our care meet specific requirements is vital to Expedited World Cargo’s mission of giving clients a sustainable, competitive edge. We want to be certain that all cargo is compliant with U.S. import and export regulations. EWC’s compliance department is always working to keep up to date on import and export regulations and to consistently apply any appropriate information to your shipments. You can be confident that the shipments you entrust to EWC will fully comply with import and export regulations.

ITAR and EAR Regulations

Two important U.S. export regulations that affect the manufacture, sale and distribution of commodities, technology and hardware are the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR Regulations) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR Regulations). These laws were created to protect sensitive information, technology and other items from being sold to nations that would harm American interests. ITAR and EAR Regulations list restricted items that require additional licensing or export authorization from the U.S. Government. Failure to do so could result in fines, debarment or imprisonment.

Expedited World Cargo is fully trained in ITAR and EAR Regulations and can guide your company through the steps to recognize and classify controlled items. By engaging EWC’s services your company can avoid unpleasant shipment hang ups and keep your supply chain running effectively. If you are unsure if your items are subject to ITAR or EAR regulations, contact us for more information about what needs to be done to ensure all of your items are compliant with U.S. export regulations. We want to help you take all the necessary steps for a smooth shipment that is compliant with ITAR and EAR regulations.

The Importance of Import Compliance

Being compliant is not only important to protect your company’s interests, but also important to protect U.S. national security, foreign policy and economic interests. Problems that arise with imports and exports can be costly to your company in several ways. The financial price you pay in fines for mishandled shipments or erroneous documentation pales in comparison to the possibility of having your import and export privileges revoked. In global markets that rely heavily on trade, do not take a chance by entrusting the intricate details of import and export regulations to anyone without experience.

Expedited World Cargo’s import compliance services involve working with your company to ensure that all of the current import regulations are being followed. This means educating you on what regulations are already in place and keeping you up to date on new import regulation developments. By facilitating communication between your company and the authorities overseeing import compliance, EWC makes certain you have a smooth import experience.

Export Compliance

Expedited World Cargo knows the amount of time and energy it takes to keep up on the latest export regulations. Experts are on staff to keep you up to date on the current laws effecting export compliance and are able to advise you on export compliance issues. From customs issues to specific laws like ITAR and EAR regulations, you are kept aware of what your shipments need in order to remain compliant. EWC also offers prescreening of shipments that will travel by passenger aircraft as a Certified Cargo Screening Facility on behalf of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

From changes or issues with export regulations to prescreening services, you will receive help so your shipments export in a timely and effective manner because EWC will do the hard work for you. Avoid delays, fines or other legal issues when you choose Expedited World Cargo.