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Emergency and Relief

Emergency and Relief

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When there is a natural or manmade disaster, the entire world feels the impact. Whether people are struggling at the hands of a hurricane or trying to survive in a war–torn area, being in the middle of any emergency can be a scary and unpredictable experience. Expedited World Cargo does its best to assist in all emergency and relief scenarios by tapping into its extensive worldwide connections. With the ability to ship emergency supplies to the areas that need it most EWC can provide worldwide assistance. The expertise of staff trained in global logistics allows you to ship containers of valuable necessities to areas in need of relief.

Humanitarian Aid

Ship Emergency Water Bottles

Military personnel are not the only ones who are in danger in conflict and post–conflict areas. The civilians affected by battle and war–torn areas often lose the life they once knew and face issues like newly introduced diseases, lack of food and water and injury resulting from military incidents. Because the logistics of humanitarian aid are often just as complicated as military operations, we ship emergency supplies with the same level of attentiveness. Our network of contractors worldwide makes us a valuable asset when you need to ship containers of equipment, medical supplies, clean water and food for programs of the United Nations and U.S Government and civilian organizations.

Hurricane and Natural Disaster Relief

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When a natural disaster strikes, EWC has relief services available. We can ship emergency supplies, food and personnel to the areas that need help and provide on–ground logistics to help avert any further danger. From providing the vehicles that distribute bottles of water to helping plan rescue missions for missing persons, our highly trained professionals can help with every step of hurricane and natural disaster relief.

Government and aid organizations have called on Expedited World Cargo in the past to ship containers and help with disaster relief so we are an experienced, trusted leader in the industry. By combining the best commercial logistics options and adhering to our company mission, we offer the most effective disaster relief solutions. A responsibility to provide services during times of natural disaster is one that we take seriously and treat with the urgency that it deserves. Contact EWC for more information about on–call natural disaster emergency services and let us help you develop a preparedness and readiness plan.

On-Going Missions

Ship Emergency Jeeps

Expedited World Cargo is a partner with the U.S. military in many ongoing military operations all over the world. We have the ability to transport equipment to support areas of conflict. We ship containers of critical gear to U.S. military personnel to aid in defense, safety and mission readiness.

Post–Conflict Nations

Ship Emergency Equipment

Areas that have been affected by battle are often more difficult to ship containers and may have difficult import regulations that may be necessary for relief and rebuilding. These obstacles can cause the basic efficiency of transport and shipping to be compromised. Our extensive knowledge provides a bridge in these situations. EWC is experienced in post–conflict nations including:

Some of the post–conflict nations where we provide defense logistics include:

  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Bosnia
  • Liberia
  • Sudan
  • Haiti

Partnering with the U.S. military secures transport of equipment through military convoy operations in areas that are in a post–conflict state. This coordination takes a high level of logistical planning and government clearance – both of which EWC maintains. We have the ability to ship emergency items or goods that need to be in place for emergency preparedness to some of the most hostile environments in the world. Our partnerships with military personnel help us to ship containers carrying valuable and confidential information, as well as basic supplies, weapons and ammunition. Post–conflict regions are areas where our true professionalism and efficiency shines through.