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Domestic Transportation

Domestic Transportation Services

Domestic Transportation

Ground Freight Logistics

At Expedited World Cargo, we have the expertise to guide you through all of your domestic transportation needs in order to make all of your shipments efficient and compliant. Ask us about our many options for domestic transportation and freight logistics in North America.

Domestic Transportation Services

Air Freight logistics

We offer door–to–door domestic transportation solutions to all 50 states and Puerto Rico. We know that the reputation and profitability of your company depends on timely delivery of your domestic shipments. Some of our domestic transportation and freight logistics solutions include:

  • First Flight Out – arranged to be on the next available flight
  • Next–day Air – delivered the next business day
  • Two-day Air – delivered in two business days
  • Economy Air – delivered in 3 – 5 business days
  • Charter Air – freight services on demand for cargo shipping that needs to be expedited
  • Small package express
  • Exclusive Use Vehicle Service – provides dedicated vehicles, from vans to tractor trailers, to/from anywhere in North America
  • Truck and Air combination – utilizes exclusive use vehicles and a choice of either commercial or charter aircraft.

Depending on the urgency of your shipment, the commodity and the mode of transportation you require, EWC can accommodate your domestic transportation shipment requirements with a customized freight logistics plan. We combine the best of our air and ground logistics in order to help you meet your deadline.

Creative Transportation Solutions

Air Freight Domestic

For all of your domestic transportation needs, we offer creative solutions in order to help you achieve efficiency. We are a full service provider and will work with your company to achieve the desired results for each of your domestic transportation shipments. Some of the creative transportation solutions we offer include:

  • Transportation Management Programs – Our team of experts will analyze your company’s supply chain to improve efficiency, develop an action plan and offer solutions to improve transit time as well as reduce your domestic transportation costs.
  • Emergency Intercept Services – We can step in on your behalf if your domestic transportation shipment is experiencing difficulty with a different carrier and take over the shipping process. We can also re–route your items if they become more urgent than originally planned while in transit. Being able to expedite delivery is a service we are able to provide because of our vast transportation connections throughout North America and the world.
  • Reverse Logistics – If any of your domestic transportation shipments need to be returned, EWC can implement the proper process to make it happen in a timely and compliant way. We can handle the documentation and create a program to optimize asset recovery.
  • Just–In–Time program – This simplified freight logistics program can be used to help reduce inventory, warehousing and transportation costs. Ask us how implementation of a J.I.T. program can benefit the bottom line of your freight logistics needs.

With all of our air logistics options, you will be able to track your shipment from the moment it leaves your possession to the moment it arrives safely at its destination. You can count on our air logistics services to make your experience a smooth one.