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Embassy Moves

Embassy Moves

Government Logistics

Skilled Logistics Embassy Moves

Expedited World Cargo is ready to attend to your government logistics needs including support of your reconstruction and maintenance contracts for U.S. Embassies around the world. U.S. Embassies are some of the most welcome sites to Americans traveling the globe. EWC is proud to assist your company with government transportation requests to move embassy items from one location to the next. At EWC all U.S. Embassy clients are treated with care and respect whether assisting with the planning phase or any government logistics stage of all U.S. Embassy moves.

A Worldwide Reach

Government Logistics Network

A network of 600 global relationships provides your company a valuable advantage because EWC has negotiated with government logistics contractors so you can receive a competitive cost advantage. Our primary goal of keeping open lines of communications ensures that projects stay on track. Contact Expedited World Cargo so our worldwide associates can help you with your government transportation.

A Reputation You Can Count On

Government Logistics Reputation

Expedited World Cargo is a leader in the government services sector because of efficiency in government logistics services. Long-term professional relationships are established with many leading government organizations including the Department of Defense, the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Customs. As a result, EWC is a trusted partner in many of the military and government operations that take place globally. Experts are available to provide assistance in the planning stages, government transportation stage and execution of your global logistics operations.

  • Customs brokerage: As a U.S. Customs licensed broker EWC is able to take custody of items that have been imported until a company is able to retrieve the goods. Skilled staff with extensive training in customs procedure and government logistics can look out for the interest of national security by serving as the intermediary between American companies and U.S. Customs.
  • Import/Export Compliance: EWC understands that having shipments that are both import and export compliant is important to the efficiency of government logistics processes but also to national security. Global logistics companies are the eyes and ears of the industry and should use that role to further the safety of the American public. Expedited World Cargo is committed to the role of adding to a secure and safe global supply chain by preventing explosives or incendiaries into cargo under our watch or prohibiting the unauthorized export of arms or high technology to countries with harmful intent towards the U.S.
  • Emergency Relief and Humanitarian Aid: EWC supports the ongoing relief and humanitarian aid missions of the U.S. A network for good is created when medical supplies, nutritional goods and other relief effort items are transported to areas that most need it including post-conflict areas like Haiti, Sudan and Liberia. With EWC’s knowledge and global expertise of government logistics you can make a difference in your disaster relief and humanitarian missions.

Guantanamo Bay

Defense Logistics Guantanamo Bay

As a licensed contractor, Expedited World Cargo is authorized to ship items to Guantanamo Bay that help with daily operations, construction and maintenance of the facility. Expert staff can advise clients who wish to export items there, including proper documentation and paperwork. EWC fully understands the importance of the global war on terror and how the operations at Guantanamo Bay are part of the effort to protect the U.S. from terrorist plots and attacks. Let us help you streamline the process of shipping to Guantanamo Bay and keep all shipments in line with regulations and security.

Post–Conflict Nations

Defense Logistics Arms

Even when an official military operation has ceased, there are still sensitive issues that surround military occupations in post–conflict areas. Expedited World Cargo specializes in defense logistics involving post–conflict nations that still require shipments from the U.S. and have military occupation. Often these areas are harder to reach and take an extra amount of effort and documentation for shipments to be successful. Understanding the intricacies of these operations allows EWC to provide the proper guidance and logistics to make all shipments arrive on time and securely.

Some of the post–conflict nations where we provide defense logistics include:

  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Bosnia
  • Liberia
  • Sudan
  • Haiti

In–country support is offered for defense logistics of equipment and safe ammunition transport from site to site. Coordination with the U.S. military provides the safest possible transport of items by military convoy throughout conflict and post–conflict regions.