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International Transportation

International Transportation Services

International Transportation

International Freight Management

Navigating the difficulties of international transportation can be daunting. Every country has different regulations regarding import and export regulations. The levels of security differ from one country to the next. Understanding the details of international logistics is vital for your success in the international market. At Expedited World Cargo, we specialize in simplifying the international logistics process, including international transportation, in order to help your company succeed in the global logistics supply chain.

We have the ability to ship to over 200 countries and territories and have relationships with international transportation agents around the world. For each location, we are knowledgeable about the documentation process required to get your shipment to its final destination without delay. Let us help you with all of your international logistics needs and guide you through the international transportation process.

International Transportation Options

International Logistics Helicopters

We offer door–to–door international transportation services that are customized to meet your shipping needs. Our international logistics team provides all of the necessary options, including document preparation and international logistics consulting services, to help streamline the international transportation process. Some of the international logistics solutions that we offer include:

  • First Flight Out – We can provide immediate export for all of your time–critical international shipments
  • Time Definite – This service provides reliable delivery service to all major business centers internationally in 24 to 48 hours
  • Economy – For international shipments that do not need express delivery, try our international economy option. This provides door–to–door, customs cleared delivery to locations around the world in 3 to 5 business days.
  • Exclusive Use Transport – We can provide dedicated vehicles for your international shipment. We use a combination of air and ground logistics to accomplish this service and keep your items separate from other shipments
  • Truck/air combination – This option combines dedicated ground vehicles and air cargo services to carry your international shipment to and from any location worldwide
  • Charter air service – We provide expedited air service to and from anywhere worldwide "on demand"
  • NVOCC – We offer delivery service by ocean to over 200 ports worldwide through our network of contracted sea agents
  • Small package express – EWC offers expedited international transportation service for shipments that are 70 pounds or less

International Logistics Projects

International Logistics Projects

Our expertise in international logistics makes us the choice for many companies and government agencies that have international transportation needs. At Expedited World Cargo, we combine our expertise with cost–effective solutions to help you meet all of your international transportation deadlines. Our international logistics expertise encompasses:

  • Shipping to conflict and post–conflict nations and regions
  • Supporting American military missions by shipping medical supplies, ammunition, and equipment
  • Worldwide humanitarian aid by shipping food, medical supplies and clean water to disaster–stricken and war–torn areas around the world
  • Pharmaceutical shipping, including the packaging, labeling and shipping of medications globally
  • Provide international transportation for household and office items
  • U.S. Embassy moves, including building materials for construction and renovation of current embassies around the world
  • International transportation for live animal

International Logistics Solutions

International Logistics Water Tanks

Expedited World Cargo does not just specialize in one method of international transportation. Our vast network of agents across the globe enables us to ship your items without delay to over 200 countries and territories. Based on the urgency and sensitivity of your shipment, we can provide customized international logistics to fit your shipping need. Meeting deadlines and avoiding delays through efficiency and proper documentation are priorities for EWC.