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Warehouse and Distribution

Warehouse and Distribution

Warehouse and Distribution

Shipping and Receiving

EWC is a full service warehouse and distribution company. We offer customized warehouse solutions built to suit specific customer requirements. Our services include:

  • Storage (Short–Term and Long–Term)
  • Inventory Management
  • Certified Cargo Screening
  • Supply Chain Improvement
  • Warehousing Support

Warehouse and Distribution Services

Warehouse and Distribution Forklift

Our shipping and receiving services use a specialized inventory system with a serial number technique to scan each item that passes through the warehouse. Your items will be treated with care no matter how long you use our warehouse and distribution services.

Warehousing Support Services

Warehouse Services and Distribution Support

In addition to storage, we offer a variety of support services to help with your shipping and receiving needs. Some of the additional services we offer are:

  • Shipment packing (either on–site or off–site)
  • Dangerous Goods packing
  • Crating of shipments (either on–site or off–site)
  • Pallet build and break down
  • Ocean container build and break down
  • Airline container build and break down
  • Tractor trailer build and break down
  • Pick, pack and ship

Expertise on every step of the warehouse and distribution process makes it easy to help your company reduce costs. From storage to supply chain management, EWC can improve the efficiency of your shipping and receiving process. Talk to a EWC representative today.