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Documentation Management

Documentation Management Services

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Shipping Documentation Services

If shipping items were as easy as mailing a letter, businesses would not need the guidance and direction of companies like Expedited World Cargo. Unfortunately, putting a stamp on your cargo is not enough to get it from one place to the next. The cargo, value and destination of your shipments affect the amount of documentation that may be needed to get it efficiently from one place to the next. Without the proper paperwork, shipments may be delayed or returned to the place of origin – costing your company precious time and money in the process.

The good news is that Expedited World Cargo offers documentation management as a value added service. EWC staff has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the documentation process and create the documents on your behalf. Allowing us to act on your behalf when it comes to documentation preparation is just one way that you can depend on EWC to make your shipping process streamlined.

Commercial Invoicing

Billing statements can be provided that suggest itemized charges pertaining to your goods or services by using your guidance and the usual charges that your company includes.

Certificate of Insurance

Official proof that you are insured can be provided when you insure your cargo through EWC. This certificate is a smart way to have corroboration that your items are protected by cargo insurance at every step of the shipping process.

Packing Slip

EWC can inventory the items that you are shipping and make organized, categorized packing slips to accompany the cargo. If you have an especially large shipment, the value of this documentation management assistance is a tremendous aid to your efficiency and time management.

Import / Export Licensing

Help is available to obtain the proper import and export licensing for the on–going shipments of your goods. Possessing necessary licenses will save you time and money, especially if you import and export items on a regular basis. EWC is qualified to determine your licensing requirements and assist you in applying for them.

Bill Of Lading

The importance of accountability during a shipment cannot be emphasized enough. EWC offers documentation preparation for a bill of lading that will be shared between the shipper and receiver. Each bill of lading will include the type of cargo being shipped, the quantity and the intended destination. This document will require signatures from both parties and can serve as a receipt that the shipment was delivered properly and with the entire inventory intact.

Dangerous Good Declaration

If you plan to ship items that could be considered "dangerous" by domestic or international standards, you will need to provide a Dangerous Good Declaration. EWC can draw up this documentation on your behalf and ensure that the items listed have been labeled, packaged and shipped according to the proper outline for those goods. With our knowledge of international shipping regulations for dangerous goods, you can be sure that you are in accordance with all laws that pertain to those items on a global scale.

Notary Public Services

If you have any paperwork that requires the signature and stamp of a notary public, we can provide that service for you. Members of our staff are licensed as notaries and can answer any questions that you may have regarding what items need notarization and what items do not.


If you are shipping items that fall under the category of a "temporary admission" to a certain country, EWC can create the proper paperwork to ensure that the items are duty free through customs. Only certain items quality for carnet categorization and a EWC representative can let you know if your shipment qualifies.

Several additional documents may be required for your shipment depending on the type of shipment and method of transit. Other documentation management services available include filing electronic export information, Department of Defense documentation, letters of credit, import and export goods declaration and TCMD submissions.

Navigating the complicated government agencies that want documentation takes some skill and EWC has the expertise and commitment to help identify and prepare most documentation on your behalf.