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Certified Cargo Screening Facility

Certified Cargo Screening Facility

TSA Cargo Screening

TSA Cargo Screening

The security of shipments being exported and imported has increased over the past decade. As a result, Expedited World Cargo has stepped up to the challenge of the new TSA cargo screening regulations and has become a certified cargo screening facility. This certification is given by the Transportation Security Administration and gives our company the authority to provide it’s customers TSA cargo screening services on shipments out of U.S. airports. This translates to a more streamlined process for your company. By providing a TSA cargo screening process to our customers, EWC is able to get your shipment where it needs to go with little delay.

Why Is There A Need for a Certified Screening Facility?

Certified Cargo Screening Load Device

In 2007, Congress passed a law requiring all shipments on passenger aircrafts to be prescreened for explosives by August 1, 2010. The certified cargo screening facility enables us to meet the 100% TSA cargo screening requirement. It gives the ability to prescreen cargo at various stages of the supply chain thus bypassing the long vetting process at the passenger air carrier at time of tender.

What Are Requirements For Certified Cargo Screening Facilities?

Certified Cargo Screening TSA

Not every global logistics company is a certified cargo screening facility. At EWC, we have received our certification as a TSA cargo screening provider. Below are some of the requirements by the TSA for certified cargo screening facilities:

  • Maintain strict chain of custody methods throughout the supply chain process
  • Security vetting for employees and authorized agents who participate in TSA cargo screening and ground movement process
  • Detailed TSA cargo screening and verification process of the cargo in accordance to CCSP

Benefits of Using a Certified Cargo Screening Facility

Certified Cargo Screening Boxes

Some of the benefits of having a certified cargo screening facility are as follows:

  • Decreased carrier delays and expedited supply chain flow
  • Maintain the integrity of your shipment throughout the supply chain process
  • Ability to ship various types of cargo without potential invasive cargo screening later in the supply chain