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Government Logistics

Government Logistics

Military Transportation

Government Precision

With a varied customer base around the world, Expedited World Cargo is proud to serve as a global logistics provider for the U.S. military and other government departments and individuals that require expertise. EWC offers an array of government specific options that include embassy moves, emergency relief, military transport of aircrafts and defense logistics. In depth knowledge of commercial transportation provides the convenience and efficiency needed to streamline these government tasks.

By maintaining a strength in global logistics, Expedited World Cargo has become a trusted provider of government services. EWC employees know the importance of precision, efficiency and accuracy when working in conjunction with any government agency. A high level professionalism and expertise make us a leading provider for government units and contractors. We have a proven track record of success in our partnerships with government agencies and can bring that same success to your government or private sector commercial transportation.

Government Services

Expedited World Cargo provides a variety of commercial transportation options for clients serving in government and armed forces capacities. These options are designed with the specifics of government life and precision in mind. Some of the government services provided include:

Embassy Moves

EWC is licensed to handle all of the hardware and supplies in an embassy when it needs to be moved. Having a high level of organization, understanding proper shipping documentation and maintaining efficiency in packing items make us the right choice for any domestic or international embassy move. Consult with an EWC expert on the specifics of your move and the logistics that may be involved in the process.

Emergency and Relief

Due to an advanced knowledge of global logistics, EWC is able to assist with transporting goods needed for disaster relief worldwide. Skilled staff can transport to difficult places and those areas of the world that have been severely damaged by natural and unnatural disasters. With over 600 agents worldwide, we can find transportation solutions to attend to any emergency or relief operation and provide the expertise to organize the mission back home and on the ground.

Defense Logistics

Entrusted by the U.S. Government for the military transport of supplies to conflict and post-conflict areas, EWC services include an added layer of military clearance and organization. Experienced staff at EWC has familiarity with over 200 countries and territories giving you an advantage in delivering items in a convenient and timely manner. Pride in being defense logistics experts enhances EWC’s ability to set up delivery missions for readiness and preparation in a secure manner. Find out if Expedited World Cargo’s defense logistics options are a fit for your military needs by speaking with a representative about your specific situation.

Choosing EWC For Your Government Needs

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By choosing the expertise of EWC for all of your military transport, commercial transportation and defense logistics needs, you are putting your operation in capable hands. We can help with everything from planning to delivery and beyond with convenience and a professionalism that rivals military precision. Our ongoing relationship with the Department of Defense and other U.S. government agencies keeps us in the know about all military transport activities. Leave the planning and execution to us and focus on the bigger details of your government operations.